Eastern European University Association EEUA Scholarship Foundation

EEUA Scholarship Foundation


In 2019 EEUA introduce EEUA Scholarship Foundation which serves to help bright students from different countries to get financial help for higher education in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. EEUA propose to schools in all countries of Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia to joint EEUA Scholarship foundation by signing relevant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). After signing MOU school will annually receive certain number of scholarships according to MOU.


What is the size of scholarship or what will be covered by scholarship?

EEUA Scholarship covers 100% of 1st year Tuition fee and 1st year Accommodation fee. From second year student has to pay Tuition fee and Accommodation fee by himself.


In which countries it is available?
EEUA scholarship available in all countries around the World, at secondary schools which are members of EEUA Scholarship Foundation. 


How to get scholarship?

Fresh graduates of secondary schools (12th year) can get scholarship. Scholarship can be granted by the director of school which is member of EEUA Scholarship Foundation. Number of scholarship per school described in MOU. EEUA Scholarship will be confirmed by relevant Certificate issued by EEUA to the name of student.


How my School can join EEUA Scholarship Foundation?

Director (or relevant staff) of school has to contact EEUA main office by email scholarship@eeua.ru 


If you are student, and what your school to join EEUA Scholarship Foundation, please send us contact details of School director to our email scholarship@eeua.ru and we will contact your school to sign MOU.


EEUA Representative all over the World are ready to help your School to join EEUA Scholarship Foundation