Eastern European University Association Health and Safety


Health and Safety



Upon students' arrival at the airport they are transferred to universities. Afterwards a period of students' orientation takes place. After orientation student will be placed at university hostels.

During all time of studying at universities foreign students are supported by a qualified team from the International Department. All their needs and questions will be tackled with pleasure. There is a very helpful consultancy for students who have difficulties. University has own security system.

All university hostels are secured and have time restrictions for visits to ensure safety and good conditions of living.  Russian people are open-minded and amicable. The security system in Russian cities is reliable and powerful. There is no racism at all. Strangers will be extremely friendly to you and you will be impressed how grateful and pleased people are that you made the effort to come to their country. Foreign people who visit for educational or business services are highly respected by Russian people.



The life and the health insurances are necessary and obligatory for all foreign students wishing to study in Russia or Ukraine.  It is not possible to register the student without it. Insurances includes all medical aid and services. The names and the telephone numbers of the doctors and the hospitals are printed in Insurance. When the student applies for medical services university is informed about it and will supervise him in case of necessity and will inform parents about it.

One of the most important things in this section is clothing. Russia and Ukraine have a four season climate. Summer temperature is about 35°C, and winter – 25°C. Please take it into account when packing up!

Usually new students arrive at the end of the summer or at the beginning of the autumn, so you should be equipped with clothes for weather conditions such as  +20°C to +10°C