Eastern European University Association News
22 February

Pre-University course in Ukraine

7 February

ABC Virtual Fairs – Online Student Recruitment

30 January

Pre-University course in Russia March-August 2018

9 January

March Intake in Russia

29 December

Holiday Hours

26 December

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

20 December

February Intake in Russia

2 December

The EEUA at Student International Fair in Caracas, Venezuela

30 November

EEUA visit to Guatemala

20 November

EEUA on Student Fair in Valencia, Venezuela

14 November

Tremendous interest for the EEUA in Algeria Graduate Fair

5 November

February Intake in Ukraine

1 September

Pharmacy & Medicine in English at Kazan SMU

22 August

Aircraft Engineering in English

15 August

"Solar Energy Technology" Master degree in English

2 August

Free summer school at Chechen State Univeristy

27 July

Free summer school

24 July

Seminar "Study in Russia & Ukraine" in Douala

20 July

Presentacion invormativa y gratuita en la Ciudad de Mexico

20 July

Семинары для международных отделов в Крыму

20 July

Seminar Study in Russia and Ukraine, in Nairobi

18 July

Free seminar in Kampala

17 July

Seminars in Turkey

14 July

Free seminar in Margarita, Venezuela

13 July


8 July

الندوات في المغرب

5 July

Seminars in Marocco

24 June

Free seminar in Bangkok

14 June

Free seminar in Casablanca

12 June

Free seminar in Caracas

2 June

EEUA Team participated in NAFSA 2017 (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

18 May

IUNC Eurasia 2017 has been successfully held on May 15-18, 2017 in Moscow, Russia

16 May

Премия Интернационализация высшего образования в России и СНГ ► ПОБЕДИТЕЛИ ОБЪЯВЛЕНЫ!

8 May

С Днем Победы! Victory Day!

4 May

Easy Admission to Russia and Ukraine

1 May

Работа в Ассоциации восточно-европейских университетов

19 April

EEUA on exhibition in Cairo, Egypt

18 April

EEUA on Exhibition in Amman, Jordan

7 December

March intake in Russia.

21 November

Medicine in English. February intake in Ukraine

30 October

EEUA at Student fair, Dubai, UAE

19 October

February 2017 Intake at Russian universities

8 October

Students from Zimbabwe coming to study in Russia

25 September

EEUA at the XXII General Assembly of the Compostela Group, Spain

25 August

EEUA at IEASA, South Africa

29 July

Le Séminaire en Algerie

11 July

Le Séminaire gratuit "Etudiez en Russie en français"

27 June

EEUA at BCCIE Seminar, Canada

15 June

EEUA at Careers Expo 2016, Namibia

3 June

EEUA participated in NAFSA 2016, Denver, USA

1 June

EEUA at Hunan Agricultural University, China

14 May

The 5th IUNC Eurasia 2016 has been successfully held in Moscow

2 May

EEUA at Forum de l`Etudiant, Morocco

1 May

EEUA visits Algeria

20 April

EEUA at FACON Edu Fair, Malaysia

5 April

Full Scholarship for Master degree (English taught)

1 April

EEUA meets with students in Uganda

25 February

IUNC North America held in Miami, US

25 January

April Intake in Moscow

14 January

Annual Survey on Intl HigherEd Cooperation 2016 (by EEUA)

10 December

March INTAKE. Master degree in English.

9 December

February 2016 Intake

27 November

EEUA at CBIE 2015, Niagara Falls

12 November

EEUA at CAEI, Ecuador

17 October

Seminar in Berlin

16 October

EEUA at AECHE 2015 in El Gouna, Egypt

4 October

Meeting with Ludong University, China

23 September

EEUA at EAIE 2015 (Glasgow, UK)

4 September

Czech College in Dubai is looking for Lecturers

25 August

EEUA seminars in Morocco

27 July

Le Séminaire gratuit

1 July

Full Master Scholarship in Moscow

20 June

EEUA at NAFSA 2015, Boston, USA

14 June

EEUA at Careers Expo, Namibia

26 May

Рекрутинг студентов на выставках в Турции

20 May

Full Master Scholarship in Russia

19 May

4th annual IUNC Eurasia held in Moscow

12 May

Стипендия аспирантура в Китае на английском

9 May

С Днем Победы!

2 May

EEUA at FAUBAI, Brazil

1 May

EEUA in Casablanca, Morocco

27 April

EEUA at GETEX 2015, Dubai

27 April

EEUA at Education fair in Ecuador

23 April

EEUA at IEFT Exhibition, Turkey

8 April

EEUA at APAIE conference, Beijing

6 April

EEUA at International Conference in Beijing

5 April

EEUA visits education fair in Yueging, China

23 March

EEUA at Malaysia Edu Fair, Penang

15 March

EEUA at Tel Aviv Education Fair, Israel

11 March

Spring Preparatory course in Russia

1 March

EEUA at World Education Festival, Indonesia

19 February

Happy Chinese New Year from EEUA team!

17 February

Congratulations to the survey contest winners!

15 February

University with a soul - BSTU

2 February

EEUA survey 2015 - Intl University Co-op Development

26 December

Spring Preparatory course in Russia

25 December

EEUA at Hebei Tangshan Foreign Language School

18 December

EEUA visits South Africa

16 December

Стипендии на обучение в Китае для русских студентов

7 December

EEUA visits Dalian, China

4 December

EEUA visit to Guangzhou, China

20 November

EEUA visits Peking University, China

11 November

Intensive Preparatory course on January 2015.

6 November

EEUA at WEBA Global Workshop, Zurich

5 November

EEUA at Edu Exhibition in Suzhou

22 October

Seminar “Study in Russia...” in Berlin

20 October

EEUA visits Shenyang, China

16 October

Seminar “Study in Russia” in Beijing

15 October

EEUA at Triple A Workshop, China

12 October

EEUA at Edu Fair in Indonesia

6 October

Bolashak scholarship for Kazakh students

3 October

EEUA visited EAIE conference, Prague

15 September

EEUA seminars in Ghana

9 September

EEUA speaks with America Learning (South America)

7 September

Application deadline for students

15 August

EEUA at Education Fair in Egypt

8 August

EEUA visit to Uruguay

7 August

EEUA visits Eastern China

3 August

EEUA visit to Nigeria

2 August

Full scholarship at MPEI!

1 August

Master scholarships in UrFU!

22 July

BSTU 60th anniversary bike journey completed!

17 July

EEUA seminars in Nepal

15 July

EEUA at Tunis Edu Workshop

14 July

EEUA seminars in Sri Lanka

13 July

EEUA opens a branch office in Peshavar, Pakistan!

12 July

EEUA seminar at Latur, India

10 July

EEUA visits Jinan, Shandong Province, China

7 July

EEUA seminar tour in India

5 July

EEUA seminars in Ghana

2 July

EEUA at MEDU conference, India

1 July

EEUA at Education fair in Tunisia

13 June

Cross-country bike journey in honour of BSTU 60th anniversary

12 June

Congratulations with Russia Day!

1 June

EEUA at NAFSA 2014, San Diego, CA, USA

31 May

EEUA visit to Windhoek, Namibia

15 May

IUNC Eurasia successfully held on May 12-14, 2014

1 May

EEUA participates in ERACON, Cyprus

25 April

23rd International Education Forum, Morocco

20 April

EEUA sends Russian universities to Morocco

15 April

EEUA seminars in Quito, Ecuador

13 April

EEUA at GETEX 2014, Dubai

10 April


8 April

EEUA seminars in Bolivia

6 April

Приглашение на NAFSA 2014

4 April

Набор студентов из Намибии

3 April

Набор студентов из Марокко

2 April

EEUA seminar in Gaborone, Botswana

2 April

EEUA at EDUEXPOS, Colombia

1 April

EEUA visits 3 universities in Hong Kong

20 March

EEUA seminar in Nairobi, Kenya

19 March

EEUA at IEFT Exhibition, Turkey

19 March

EEUA at Asia Study Abroad Agent Conference, China

13 March

EEUA seminars in Tanzania

10 March

EEUA seminars in Kampala, Uganda

10 March

EEUA seminars in Kigali, Rwanda

9 March

Набор студентов из Казахстана

9 March

Набор студентов из Армении

5 March

EEUA at Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Beijing

1 March

Education fair in Shenyang, China

25 February

EEUA visits Pakistan

19 February

EEUA seminar Online int’l student recruitment technologies

8 February

Набор студентов из Азербайджана

7 February

Набор студентов из Ирана и Северного Ирака

6 February

Набор студентов из Латинской Америки

5 February

Набор студентов из Венесуэлы и Перу

4 February

Набор студентов из Колумбии

3 February

Набор студентов из ЮАР и Ботсваны

2 February

Набор студентов из Турции

1 February

Набор студентов в Пакистане и Ливане

31 January

Проект по набору иностранных студентов 2014

24 January

Results of CIS universities survey - int`l cooperation

21 January

Foreign students granted work permit in Russian Federation

15 January

Гранты Харбинского политехнического института

13 January

Семинар «Набор иностранных студентов он-лайн»

27 December

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

12 December

Medical Preparatory course from February 2014

4 December

Preparatory course in Samara at $900

3 December

Scholarship seminar in Kenya

30 November

Scholarship seminar in Uganda

28 November

Scholarship seminar in Ethiopia

23 November

SURVEY for Russian, Ukrainian and other CIS universities

15 November

January 2014 Intake

6 November

EEUA attended ICEF Berlin Workshop, Germany

1 November

EEUA at WEBA Agent Fair, Switzerland

28 October

EEUA took part in Belgrad education fair, Serbia

17 October

The visit of Minzu University of China to Russia & Ukraine

14 October


12 October

International Education fair in Uganda and South Sudan

10 October

Russia in top 20 best countries for education in the world!

7 October

EEUA at International HE Fair in Lebanon

19 September

Arrival of students to Russia and Ukraine

17 September

Application deadline for students

14 September

EEUA participated in EAIE 2013, Turkey

26 July

Invitation to Moscow Airshow

15 July

EEUA at Education Fair in Tunis, Tunisia

8 July

EEUA at MEDU conference, Mumbai, India

29 June

EEUA at Harbin education fair in China

23 June

EEUA Olympiad in Ethiopia for university scholarship

16 June

EEUA attended Education Fair in Tunisia

22 May

BSTU academics in Makerere University, Uganda

5 May

EEUA seminars in Lagos, Nigeria

1 May

Visit of EEUA representative to Ghana

24 April

International Universities Conference

12 April

52nd Anniversary of first man in SPACE! Yuriy Gagarin!

3 March

FAM trip to Russia and Ukraine

13 February

Visit of Pakistani delegation to Russia 10-16 February

31 January

Visit of delegation from Hulunbuir University to Russia, January 14-18

4 December

Spring Preparatory course in Moscow

28 October

EEUA attended the ICEF Berlin Workshop

26 October

Study Russian while travelling

23 October

FAM trip 2013 - a snowy fairytale in Russia and in Ukraine

16 October

Visit to Minzu University in China

15 October

Visit to Hulunbeier University, China

13 October

Agency training in China at Russian Culture Center

12 October

The Education Development Expo in Peshawar, Pakistan

10 October

EEUA attended the ICEF Asia workshop

8 October

3-7 October, visit of delegation from Uganda to Belgorod State University

6 October

The visit of Vice Chancellor of Abdul Khan University Dr Ishan Ali to Moscow

5 October

Head of the EEUA regional office in Pakistan in Educational TV show

20 September

EEUA at China Education Expo 2012

13 September

EAIE conference in Dublin

12 September

EEUA signed memorandum with Abdul Wali Khan University

30 August

The EEUA visited Jordan with a series of seminars!

11 August

A series of seminars in India August 1st - 7th

7 August

Building engineering in English medium!

25 July

Distance learning is now available at the Belgorod State Technological University (Russia)

23 July

Weekly webinars from EEUA - your chance to learn more about us!

22 July

MBA course opens at the Poltava State Agrarian Academy (Ukraine)!!!

8 July

Edu fair in Tunisia, 4-7 July

24 June

EEUA arranged a familiarization trip to Russia and to Ukraine!

23 June

Edufair in Pakistan 10-20 June

27 May

Workshop in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania, May 25

27 May

Visit to Kampala, Uganda, May 27

25 May

Seminar at the Russian Cultural Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 23

24 May

Seminar in Nairobi, Kenya, May 24

23 May

Seminars in Nigeria, May 12-20

23 May

Seminars in Douala and Yaoundé, Cameroon 21-22 May

12 May

Workshops in Ghana, May 10-11

8 May

EEUA opens a new office in India!!

8 May

EEUA did a series of seminars in India and Nepal

8 May

EEUA is going to do seminars in Africa

17 April

Seminars in India, April 1-15

3 April

EEUA opens a new office in Islamabad, Pakistan

27 March

EDU Fair, Turkey (March, 18-25)

11 March

Seminar in Bodrum (Turkey) 10 March 2012

4 February

EEUA took part in the ICEF workshop, Dubai

30 October

ICEF Higher Education Workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark

23 July

Seminar for students, New Delhi, India

16 July

Seminar for students, Ankara, Turkey

20 June

Yukthi Education Fair, Hyderabad, India

20 May

ICEF Asia Workshop, Beijing, China

18 April

Seminar, Russian Culture Center Kathmandu, Nepal

16 April

Seminar for students, Mumbai, India

16 April

Meeting with partners, Istanbul, Turkey

10 April

Seminar for students, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

29 March

Seminar for students, Peshawar, Pakistan

26 March

Seminars for students in Kampala, Uganda

24 March

Official dinner Russia-Ukraine-Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan

25 February

Meeting with partners, Cairo, Egypt

23 February

Meeting with partners, Kathmandu, Nepal

13 February

Seminars in Serbia, Belgrad

9 February

Seminar for students, Chandigarh & Ludhiana, India

19 January

Pakistan, Lahore

7 September

ICEF workshop in China, 2010

24 July

Paris, ICEF workshop

21 March

Seminar for students, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

15 March

ICEF conference in Latin America

30 January

ICEF Berlin Workshop, Berlin, Germany