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Belgorod State Shukhov Technological University
Year found: 1954
Legal form State
Country Russia
City Belgorod

Belgorod State Shukhov Technological University

 Year found: 1954

Legal form: State
Country: Russia
Awards: Bachelor Degree
                     Specialist Degree
                     Master Degree
                     Doctoral Programmes 
City: Belgorod
Study language: Russian, English

Belgorod state technological university (BSTU named After V. G. Shoukhov is a unique educational establishment, with 50 year experience of training engineers for building complex and construction industry.

In terms of the range of specialties and the quality of education it is the best higher educational establishment (HEE) of this profile in the Russian Federation. Established as a basic branch institution of building materials industry, it is the only university of such profile in Europe today, providing integral training of engineers in this field.

According to the result of rating of the Ministry of Education and science of RF the university holds the first position among architectural institutions of Russia. According to the results of monitoring of Russian higher schools, conducted by «Business Russia» BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov is ranked as the leader of business rating, and is included into a number of high-ranking institutions in the country in terms of the quality of education and demand for its graduates. Over 60% of leading specialists and heads of the largest enterprises of construction materials industry are BSTU graduates.

The training process and research are conducted by more than 150 doctors and professors, including 47 academicians and corresponding members of the state and social academies, over 400 candidates of science (PhD) and assistant professors, more than 30 laureates of honorary titles, 5 honored inventors.Training of engineers is fulfilled in more than 60 specialization fields. It allows to fully solve the staffing problem of building materials industry and construction. The university provides all forms of study.

More than 25000 of students, including foreign citizens from over 32 countries are taking their courses at BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov covering all forms of tuition. The university is the basic and applied research centre within the construction industry. Over 70% of research conducted by the university is made by the orders of this industrial branch. The university has formed significant scientific schools in the field of construction materials study, with functioning 5 dissertation councils, including 3 councils for doctoral degree. More than 400 post graduate students and degree seekers take post graduate courses in 26 specialization fields. Doctorate students take courses in 6 specialties.

The agreement between BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov and Moscow State University of engineering ecology was signed In November 2004, which allowed to establish a Branch of UNESCO international department «Technology of environmentally clean industries». The university obtained international accreditation from the British Institute of civil engineers for a number of specialties.

BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov has close academic and scientific ties with State Russian Academy of architecture of building science as well as research departments and firms. The university actively collaborates with overseas companies and institutions of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, China, Egypt, Serbia, Poland, Israel and others.



Belgorod is a city and the administrative center of Belgorod OblastRussia, situated on the Seversky Donets River just 40 kilometers (25 mi) north of the Ukrainianborder. Population: 356,426 (2010 Census preliminary results).

Belgorod is served by Belgorod International Airport (EGO). The name Belgorod in Russian literally means "a white city", name being a compound of "белый" (bely, "white, light") and "город" (gorod, "town, city"). The city was thus named after the region being rich in limestone. Etymologically, it corresponds to other Slavic city names of identical meaning: BelgradeBiałogardBiograd', Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi etc.

The settlement was first mentioned in 1237, when it was ravaged by the hordes of Batu Khan. It is unclear whether this Belgorod was located at the same place where the current city is. In 1596, it was re-founded by the order of Feodor Ioannovich as one of numerous forts set up to defend Southern borders from the Crimean Tatars.

After the Russian border was moved further south, the fortress fell in disrepair and the town was assigned to the Government of KurskPeter the Great visited it on the eve of the Battle of Poltava, and a dragoon regiment was stationed in the town until 1917.

Ioasaph of Belgorod, an 18th century bishop, became widely venerated as a miracle worker and was glorified as a saint of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1911.

It was occupied by Nazi Germany on October 25, 1941. On July 12, 1943, during the Battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle in world history took place near Prokhorovka, and the city was consequently liberated on August 5, 1943. The Belgorod Diorama is one of the World War II monuments commemorating the event.

Belgorod is an administrative, industrial and cultural center of Belgorod Oblast, established in 1954. The major educational centers of the city are Belgorod State University, Technological University, Agricultural Academy, Financial Academy.

Belgorod Drama Theater is named after one of the famous 19th-century actors Mikhail Shchepkin who was born in this region.


Administratively, it is incorporated as the city of oblast significance of Belgorod—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. Municipally, the city of oblast significance of Belgorod is incorporated as Belgorod Urban Okrug.

Bachelor programs

- Economics

- Management

– Personnel management

- Land Management and cadastre

- Thermal Engineering and Heat Engineering

- Power and Electrical Engineering

- Technological machinery and equipment

- Design and engineering support for machine building industry

- Land transportation technological systems

- Management of transport and technological machines and systems

- Technology of transport processes

- Management of Engineering Systems

- Automation of technological processes and production

- Mechatronics and Robotics

- Quality Management

- Standardization and Metrology

- Computer Science and Computing Machinery

- Information Systems and Technology

- Software Engineering

- Chemical Technology

- Energy-and resource-saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemical and biotechnology

- Architecture

- Design of Architectural Environment

- Construction

– Nature development and water consumption

- Technospheric security


Specialist programs (5 years)


- Applied Geodesy


- Fire safety

- Mining



Master degree programs

- Economics

• Company economics

- Management

• Industrial management

- Finance and credit

• Bank management

– Personnel management

• Personnel management in a commercial firm

– Heat power engineering and heat power technology

• Heat power technology

– Electrical power engineering and electrical engineering

• Electric power systems, networks, power transmission, their regimes, stability and reliability

– Design and technological support for machines and units

• Machine building technology

– Land transportation and technological complexes

• Machines, units and equipment for construction and  rehabilitation of roads and aerodromes

- Maintenance of transportation and technological machines and complexes

• Maintenance of transportation and transportation-technological machines and equipment

– Control in technological systems

– Automation of  technological processes and production

- Mechatronics and robotics

– Quality management

– Standardization and metrology

- Computer Science and Computing Machinery

• Computer simulation

– Program engineering

– Chemical technology

Chemical technology of refractory and silicate materials

– Energy and resource saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and metrology

- Architecture

• Architectural design

- Construction

• Theory and design of buildings and structures;

• Technical maintenance and reconstruction of buildings and structures;

• Microclimate system for buildings and structures;

• Technology of construction materials, products and structures;

• Technology of construction materials, products and structures (Nanosystems in building materials science);

• Integrated mechanization in construction;

• Materials science in architecture and construction;

• Innovations and technology transfer

– Technospheric security

• Industrial ecology and rational use of natural resources.

BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov is a modern university campus. The area of 35 hectares includes academic and laboratory buildings, experimental and production facilities, science and research library, halls of residence, residential estate for the academic staff and employees, catering facilities, students cultural centre, sport facilities. All the building are arranged in a compact way.

University classrooms and laboratories are provided with up-to-date equipment; its computer base is one the best in Russian universities. The campus network with the Internet access is in students’ disposal. PC to student ratio is equal to the level of leading Higher educational institutions in Europe. IT equipment used for academic purposes are regularly updated by the university. Representative information is obtained through high-quality computer equipment in specialized rooms.

Technical and science library houses a substantial and diversified collection of over 1,5 million volumes. It contains scientific, academic, art editions as well as references. The library is extending its collection electronically-held information.BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov gives much attention to healthy lifestyle, physical education and sports: above 30 different sport sections of different kinds are available for students. Competitions on local, regional and all-Russian level are held in the Sports Centre.

Students have the opportunity to use the University stadium, which is the largest one among university stadiums in the Central Black soil region, 4 tennis courts, a sports ground with handball and mini-football pitch. At present an indoor swimming pool is under construction.


Cultural and social life of the university is concentrated in the Students Palace. You may join amateur societies, hobby associations, visit spectacular events like parties, competitions, concerts, festivals, wit and fun contest, disco parties and many others. The university tradition is to celebrate such events as Knowledge Day, Students Easter, an Orthodox Youth Day, Victory Day etc.


BSTU dormitory is a winner of all-Russian competition as the most comfortable students hostel. The contest was initiated by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation in 2008.

Today the youth upbringing process is dedicated to the development of human qualities like moral and spiritual values.  The Students Arts Palace became the traditional venue for such events of local significance as the Day of Knowledge, Day of Orthodox Christian Youth, “Pancake Week”, Students Easter, Day of Slavic Writing and Culture etc. Also such university contests as “Fun and Witness Club”, “A Friendly Students Family”, “ Student of the Year”, “Miss University”, “Students Spring”. The Students Palace of Culture y carries out systematic and active work on giving basic  knowledge of law, developing students social activity and their high sense of civil liability. It is achieved with the support of  events like Fun and Witness Club game “Everyone goes for the elections!”, meeting of summer students construction teams, a Memory Day, “All the best to the orphans”, “Stop drugs”, “Drugs without us”, etc.


Improving communication habits of the youth and leisure time culture represent two sides of the integrated pedagogical process in the students’ dormitory. Each faculty and institute arrange different events: meeting war veterans (World War II), scientists, deputies, contests and sport competitions. In 2008 University campus was ranked the first in all-Russian competition among Students hostels.


Physical education is a part of social culture. Therefore, physical education and sport in BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov is not only way to national health, but also an important component in training a modern and skilled specialist, who is in demand in the labor market.


The University Sport Complex serves forming, saving and keeping student’s health offering the following facilities:

  • two multi-purpose sports halls,
  • stadium,
  • multi-sport playing fields,
  • tennis courts,
  • shooting gallery.


Much attention is paid to all-Russian competitions, taking place in our University. All Russian sportsmen and university sport teams take part in them. Each team has their own supporters. «Sport for everybody» is catchword of competitions. We have strong sport relationships with Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian Higher Educational Institutions.


In summer students and staff members have the opportunity to relax in the «Technolog» youth camp. You find all necessary conditions for rest and rehabilitation: spectacular surroundings, fresh air, filled with natural pine fragrance, sport games, catering with the consideration of special healthy diet.

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