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Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
Year found: 1941
Legal form State
Country Russia
City Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

Year found: 1941

Legal form: State

Country: Russia

Awards:  Bachelor Degree
               Specialist Degree
               Master Degree
               Doctoral Programmes 

City: Saint Petersburg

Study language: English, Russian

SUAI is one of Russia`s and the world`s leading academic organizations in the field of aerospace systems, control systems, ICT, state-of-the-art educational technologies. The university trains specialists in various areas of engineering and adopts a new model of engineering education.


SUAI`s Mission is to train highly qualified and competent specialists capable of developing advanced technologies and modern industries.


SUAI is situated in beautiful St. Petersburg, main University campuses are located in the historical center, surrounded by magnificent architectural and cultural sites.


The University was founded in January 25, 1941. Since that time, the University grew rapidly and now SUAI implements a wide range of educational programs of higher education, postgraduate and doctoral programs, performs multi-level training of specialists with higher education.



In the University there are 8 institutions, 4 faculties and more than 130 specialties, as well as Ivangorod Humanitarian and Technical Institute (branch). Nowadays SUAI does not focus on aviation only, but we also teach IT, economics, law, political science, international relations and linguistics. Currently there are 15 000 students enjoying the convenient facilities of education at SUAI. More than 1000 of them come from other countries.


SUAI holds the position #301-350 in QS EECA 2022 University Rankings.


A considerable number of our alumni have become leading scientists, leaders in the field of Russian science and industry and statesmen.



SUAI is the national leader by the number of professions of the future being created and WorldSkills and FutureSkills competencies being implemented.



Artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, big data analysis, the Internet of things, unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics are the priority areas of the university`s scientific development.


The continuous development of the educational system and the constant modernization and transformation of the University, together with strong partnerships in industry, undoubtedly allow SUAI to remain a modern center of science, education and technological innovation.


SUAI: Learn. Invent. Live


Learn more about SUAI in our videos VIDEO #1, VIDEO #2 

Saint Petersburg


Saint Petersburg is a city and a federal subject ( a federal city ) of Russia located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. St. Petersburg recently celebrated its 300th anniversary.

The city has an area of 606 sq. km., but if you include the immediate suburbs on the lowlands along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, it is 1439 sq. km. The city measures 44 km from north to south and 25 km from east to west.

St. Petersburg developed according to a strict, well thought-out plan, which had been finalized by 1712. The wide Neva and all the numerous other rivers and canals were incorporated into the city design and created its scale. 1865 saw the division of the city into 12 administrative sections. It is now divided into 20 administrative districts. According to the latest census, taken in 2000, 4,695,000 people currently live in St. Petersburg.

The St. Petersburg climate is influenced by the huge expanses of the Atlantic Ocean and its immediate proximity to the Gulf of Finland; water also accounts for 10% of the city area -- a great number of rivers, lakes and marshes.


The region varies from a marine to a continental climate, mild and humid, with a significant amount of cloudy weather, frequent mists and substantial rainfall. In summer the city enjoys periods of hot, dry weather when the temperature can reach 35 degrees C. The average temperature in winter is -- 7.8 degrees C.


The largest of the public higher education institutions is Saint Petersburg State University, enrolling approximately 32,000 undergraduate students; and the largest non-governmental higher education institutions is the Institute of International Economic Relations, Economics and Law. Other famous universities are Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University, Herzen University and Saint Petersburg Military engineering-technical university. However, the public universities are all federal property and do not belong to the city.


St. Petersburg is built on 42 islands at the Neva delta where the river flows into the Gulf of Finland. It is one of the worlds leading cities in terms of its number of rivers, islands and bridges. St. Petersburg is sometimes called a museum of bridges - it has over 300 of them.

69 rivers and other waterways flow through the city and its immediate environs; within the city limits there are 40 rivers, tributaries, canals and other waterways with a total length of 217.5 km. The principal ones are the Great and Lesser Neva, the Great, Medium and Lesser Nevka, the Fontanka, the Karpovka, the Okhta, the Zhdanovka, the Moika, Chernaya Rechka and the Obvodnyy Canal.


A great deal in St. Petersburg artistic decoration is reminiscent of the city naval glory, which is inextricably linked with the expanses of the Baltic Sea. Peter I did all he could to ensure that the sails of Russian ships were seen along the Baltic coast. Russia became a formidable naval power, confirming its superiority with glorious victories and round-the-world voyages.









  • Master`s program in English
  • Two-year research
  • Exchange semester
  • Summer internship

Embedded computer systems are a mass high-technology market of information and computer technologies, the most competitive area of cutting-edge R&D.

You can find embedded systems everywhere: from smart phones to cars, from aircraft and spacecraft to medical equipment, from smart house to intelligent transportation systems.


Preliminary Education Department (Russian Language Courses)

Russian as a Foreign Language

Russian as a Foreign Language. Intensive course (1 semester)


Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Information Systems Software and Managing

Information Systems and Technologies

Applied Informatics

Software Engineering

Instrumentation and Electronic Means Technology

Biotechnical Systems and Technologies

Technosphere Safety

Transport Processes Technology

Technical Exploitation of Aircrafts and Engines

Standardization and Metrology

Quality Control

Control in Technical Systems

Innovation Studies




Legal Studies

Advertising and Public Relations



Cultural Studies


Specialist Degree Programs

Technical Operation of Transport Radio Equipment


Master’s Degree Programs

Information Systems Software and Managing

Information Systems and Technologies

Computer science and engineering

Applied Informatics

Software Engineering

Electronic Means Instrumentation and Technology

Biotechnical Systems and Technologies

Technosphere Safety

Transport Processes Technology

Standardization and Metrology

Quality Control

Control in Technical Systems

Innovation Studies

Knowledge-based Technologies and Economics of Innovations



Legal Studies

Political Studies

Advertising and Public Relations



Secondary Professional Education

Network and System Administration

Information Systems and Programming

Aircraft Instruments and Complexes

Electrical Machines and Devices

Automation of Technological Processes and Industry (within particular fields)

Mechatronics and mobile robotics (within particular fields)


Law and Social Security Provision



Postgraduate Education

Mathematics and Mechanics

Computer Science and Informatics

Electronics, Photonics, Instrumentation and Communications

Information Technology and Telecommunications

Mechanical Engineering

Transport Systems




Pedagogical Science

Campus Accommodation RUB 30000 a year


Students’ Life

The SUAI is not only high-standard education in engineering, economics, law and humanities. It also provides a solid basis for personal development in diverse creative skills, sports achievements and social activities.


The SUAI cultural life, sports achievements and the proactive attitude to life are our University’s pride.


A large number of students enjoy extra-curricular activities: the amateur theatrical society, the SUAI Choir, the Club for the Funny and Quick-Witted, a Photo Studio, the Aerobrain Intellectual Games Club, a film studio, the Students’ Press Center. The Students’ Trade Union Committee and the Students’ Council engage the SUAI students into their activities.


Each year the University holds an artistic competition, the SUAI Talent Show, which is traditionally organized in several steps, with both the number of participants and the level of performance growing year by year.


The most popular sports event in the SUAI is the annual Students’ Games, in which teams of all the faculties and institutes compete, making the Games a minor counterpart of the Olympics and the Universiade. The SUAI also holds football, basketball, street ball, volleyball, wrestling and bowling tournaments.


We widely celebrate public and national holidays: the New Year’s Eve, the Defender of the Motherland Day, the International Women’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, the Shrovetide, the International Cosmonautics Day. We host the annual University Week with the SUAI students’ Open-Air.


Every new academic year starts for the students of the SUAI with the Day of Knowledge and the Matriculation Ceremonies. As for the graduates of the University, very cheerful, funny and colourful performances are staged for them, with the SUAI students actively engaged in preparation and conduct.


The University provides with all the necessary conditions not only for education, but for cultural and artistic life as well, allowing its students to become balanced and sound personalities.







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