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Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture
Year found: 1930
Legal form State
Country Ukraine
City Kyiv


Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Year found: 1930
Legal form: State
Country: Ukraine
Awards: Bachelor Degree
                     Specialist Degree
                     Master Degree
                     Doctoral Programmes
City: Kyiv
Study language: Russian, Ukrainian


In 1930 Civil Engineering Institute was founded on the basis of factory and communal construction branch of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and Architectural faculty of Kyiv Art Institute.

In 1939 it was renamed into Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute and in 1993 Kyiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture was created on its base which, on February 26, 1999, by the Decree of the President of Ukraine, was given the status of National University and the title of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.

The university is the leading educational establishment in Ukraine training specialists for architectural and constructional branch. Its authority is based on successful unity of many traditions being formed for more than 75 years and on introduction of achievements of the university sciences. In the years of its existence the university trained more than 65 thousands of engineers and architects including about two thousand of specialists for 75 countries of the world. Academic staff and scientists of the university have made a considerable contribution to national and world science in the branches of construction and architecture. Long-term experience of scientific-research work and scientists cooperation with scientific centres of Ukraine and other countries contributed to creation in the university of three scientific and research institutes, two scientific- research complexes, centre of economic research and prognoses, 11 scientific-research laboratories.

Now university activity aims at formation of new generation of specialists, who having mastered fundamental and specific knowledge, would be able to independent creative work. Taking into account objective necessities of our time and changes taking place in the economy and civil life of our country multi-staged system of training specialist (bachelors, specialists, masters) was introduced in the university.

University training gives possibility to join high achievements of professional and world culture not only in classrooms but in the centre of leisure and rest, broaden eruditions in the university library, strengthen health in the rest camp, dispensary and sport club. Training of specialists is carried out in 12 directions and 22 specialities. There are 6 main departments, preparatory department for foreign citizens, department and institute of post-diploma education in the university. Professional orientation is organized at the department of pre-university training.

Academic staff of the university is highly qualified. Among more than 700 instructors up to15% are doctors of science, professors and up to 55% are candidates of science, docents. Three Members of Associate Members of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, two Associate Members of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine work in the university. More than 60 instructors of the university are elected members and associate members of Academy of Engineering Sciences, Construction academy, Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, Higher School Academy of Sciences, Technological Academy and others. Training of specialists of highest qualification is carried out in post-graduate and doctorate courses.

Educational process in the university is organized and carried out according to the laws of Ukraine “About education”, “About higher education”, Decree of the President of Ukraine “About urgent measures on providing functioning and development of education in Ukraine” and normative documents in force. Kyiv national university of Construction and Architecture plays the main role in formation of potential of civil-engineers, architects for the state is the leading educational establishment among construction and artistic higher education establishments of Ukraine and is well known in the world. It has creative ties with main educational establishments of USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Finland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Austria, China, UIS countries and many other countries of the world.

Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture has long traditions of training engineering and scientific specialists. There are nine specialized councils for awarding degrees of Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science. Fundamental and applied researches are harmoniously united in the university. The result of it is creation of efficient building constructions and improvement of their calculation methods, improvement of technologies, organization, economy and management of construction of new and reconstructed buildings, development of safe resources technologies of building materials production, creation and improvement of building machines, improvement of designing, engineering and management in construction and other branches based on computers; environmental protection, etc. Scientific researches are carried out by nearly 700 instructors and scientists of the university.




Kyiv's history spans over 1500 years. It is the cradle of Slavonic culture. Today, Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. With a population of 2,5 million and an area of 820 kilometers, Kyiv is well suited to be the political center of Ukraine. The President and his administration, the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, and other government institutions are centered in the city. As the scientific and cultural center of the country, Kyiv is home to the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences and academic research institutions which include institutes of chemistry, welding, cybernetics, steelwork, microbiology and virology, economics, history, philosophy, literature, art history, folklore and ethnography, and law.

Most of Ukraine's institutions of higher learning are located in Kyiv. These include Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, National University "Kyiv - Mohyla Academy", National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Bogomolets National Medical University, the National Aviation University, Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine, Glier Kyiv Music College, the National Academy of Painting and Architecture, the Kyiv National University of Building and Architecture, the Kyiv National Linguistics University, the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Dragomanov Ukrainian National Pedagogical University, and others. Kyiv has many cultural and educational institutions: libraries (of which the largest are the Central Scientific Library of the Ukrainian National Academy of the Sciences and the Scientific Library of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University), cultural centers, cinemas, the Ukrainian National Philharmonic Society, theaters (of which the National Opera, the National Academic Drama Theatre, and the Theatre of Russian Drama are best known), and the National Circus. The National Symphonic Orchestra and national folk choral and dance ensembles reside in Kyiv.

Kyiv is home to history, painting, folk and ornamental art, book and publishing, folk architecture and life, and memorial museums. There are a number of unique architectural sights in Kyiv. The Sofiyskyy Sobor (1037), the remnants of the Golden Gates, the Mikhailivska Church of the Vydubetsky Monastery (1070 - 1088), the remnants of the Uspensky Sobor (1073 - 1078), the Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra (11th century), the Kyrylivska Church (12th century), the Kyiv Academy (8th or early 9th century), the Andriyivska Church (1747-1753), the Mariinsky Palace (1750 - 1755). There are also many newer buildings in the city, such as the Volodymyrskyy Sobor (1862 - 1882), the National Opera (1901), the State Bank (1902 - 1905), the Bessarabskyy Covered Market (1910 - 1912), and others.

Many stadiums, swimming pools, gyms, shooting galleries, parks, cafes and restaurants offering both Ukrainian and international cuisine are available to Kievans and city guests.

Kyiv is the central railway junction and a crossroads for land, air, and water routes.

Public transportation within Kyiv is provided by a subway system, buses, trams, and taxis.

Welcome to Kyiv!


Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture carry out training of Specialists, Bachelors, Masters for foreign countries according to contracts on the fallowing specialities:

Architectural faculty:

- architecture of buildings and structures;
- town planning;
- design of architectural environment;
- fine arts and decorative applied art.

Construction Department:

- industrial and civil engineering;
- management of organizations.

Construction-technological department:

- technology of building structures products and materials;
- commodity and commerce activities.

Department of geo-informational systems and land management:

- city development and economy;
- land management and cadastre;
- geo-informational systems and technologies.

Automation and information technologies department:

- hoisting, building, road, reclamation machines and equipment;
- automation management by technological processes;
- computer management systems and technologies;
- computer design technologies;
- professional training on production, operation and repair of hoisting, building, road, reclamation machines and equipment;
- professional training in the direction of computer technologies in management and training.

Sanitary engineering department:

- heat and gas supply and ventilation;
- water-supply and water disposal structures and equipment;
- water supply and water disposal;
- ecology and environmental protection.

Training of Masters:

speciality of “Projects management”

The term of study in the university comprises:

- Architectural faculty: Bachelor – 4,5 years; Specialist, Master – 6 years;
- engineering departments: Bachelor – 4 years; Specialist, Master – 5 years.

There is Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens in the university which trains foreigners for their entering engineering, architectural, economic, medical higher educational establishments. The term of training is 1 year. Training of foreign citizens
at the main and preparatory departments is carried out ac-cording to contracts.


Foreign citizens enrolled in the university are given places in two or three-bed rooms with all necessary facilities in the dormitory of hotel type.




When student arrive to airport he/she will be met and transferred to university. At university student have orientation and welcome brief. After orientation student will be placed at university hostel. During all time of studying at university foreign students are supported by qualified team of International Department. All their needs will be satisfied with pleasure. There is very helpful consultancy for students who have educational difficulties.

All university hostels are secured and have time restrictions for guest to ensure safety and good condition of living.

The Ukrainian people are philosophical and peaceful. The most recent example being the Orange revolution, a completely peaceful demonstration by the people looking for political change. You will find that Ukrainians are very amicable and have good sense of humor. There is no racism at all. Strangers will be extremely friendly with you and be impressed that you made the effort to visit their country over their more visited neighbors.


Culture and leisure center

University students life is various and creative. Youth learns national culture and supports folk traditions. Amateur activities, poetry, singing, dancing, theatre, fine arts and decorative-applied art – those are parts of full-fledged student life. They contribute to perfection and bringing up of personality, rising of cultural and esthetic level of world perception.

Opera studio exists in the university for 45 years. During this period members of the studio staged three operas by Ukrainian composers and dozens of opera parts by Ukrainian and foreign composers, sang numerous areas, romances and songs. Some members of the studio became the laureates of international prize of Gulak-Artiomovsky for the period from 1997-1998. Young talented musician Marune V.I. has leaded the studio since 2005.

There is Student Theatre of Variety Miniatures in the University. It was awarded by the diplomas of International Festival of student theatres of variety miniatures “Shalun-Tuh” (1999-2005) and won the first place in the prestige competition “ University visiting card “in 2003 and 2004 in Kiev In 2002 the choir of students and instructors “Renaissance”, known both in Ukraine and abroad, was created in the university under the leadership of a conductor Bondarenko O.V. It was the awarded the Diploma at he 29 International Festival of Polyphonic Music in Italian city of Fano in September of 2002. In February of 2005 the choir “Renaissance” was given the title of “People amatory collective”. It took part in the work of the Festival of Spiritual Singing “From Christmas to Christmas” for 4 times and was awarded the Diplomas of the fist and second degree.

University amateur collectives take an active part in the international, all Ukrainian and inter- university festivals. They were awarded by the diplomas and valuable gifts of the Kyiv city and regional authorities.

In 2000 “Sirius” sport dancing collective headed by choreographic teacher S.M. Stepanova took part in sport ball dances championship of Ukraine and its two pares became the finalists. In 2005 the new collective of sport ball dances headed by P.P.Oliferenko was created. Members of variety vocal studio took part in “Chervona Ruta” festival (December 2002) and in the third all Ukrainian Festival of Author Song. Since 2005 the collective has been headed by Taras Luchanko.

Sport club “Zodchy”

Sport club as part of all union voluntary student sport society “Burevestnic” exists in the university since 1960.

Its first chairman was honoured sport master, Helsinki Olympic champion in sport gymnastics I.K.Berdiev. From 1985 till 1987 the Sport club was headed by O.O.Shaitan and from 1987 till 1999 by sport master in free-style wrestling V.S.Furkalo.

In 1999 the sport club was re-organized and named “Zodchy” Sport club of Kyiv national University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) headed by honoured physical culture and sport worker of Ukraine, honoured coach of Ukraine in boxing and kick boxing M.O.Dilinian.

Sport club “Zodchy” and physical culture and sport chair is headed by professor, honoured physical culture and sport worker S.M.Kanishevsky. The club carries out organizational work to lead students to healthy way of life, to form moral and strong-willed qualities, improving physical possibilities, bringing up positive streaks, to achieve success in sport and professional activities. Annually the club carries out sport competitions among students and instructors.

University sportsmen successfully take part in city, Ukrainian and international competitions. The instructors of different chairs are constantly drawn in the work of the club, among them are sport veterans and stars such as: E.S.Adamenko – the champion of Ukraine and the USSR in track and field athletics, honoured sport master of the USSR; honoured sport master N.A.Dabidiuk ( sport gymnastics); world champion in swimming, sport master A.V.Kovalenko; sport master of international class I.F.Zemtsov (water poll), S.F Gasanova – world and Europe prize-winner (boxing and kick-boxing).

Among the most brilliant achievements of members of the club are: V.Mankin – sailing sport, G.Dybenko – Double Olympic Champion in track and field athletics, T.Beliajeva – the winner of the of international students competition - World Universiada. The USSR champions are: boxer V.Bendalevsky, badminton player V.Nikiforov, N.Khripushina added to it the title of the World Champion in acrobatics, free style wrestler G.Danko became the World Champion and World Cup winner. The club boasted by A. Onufriev - sport master of international style, honoured master of sport in heavy athletics, P.Cetverikov – prize owner of USSR sport competition in track and field athletics, P.Platonov – grand chess-master, national grand chess-master in chess compositions A.O. Reitsin, M Shkoda – master of sport in boxing, member of combined team of Ukraine.

University sport teams took the first and prize places in complex sport competition of the Ministry of Education. The total contribution of the club in the development of sport is training of sportsmen of high rank - masters of sport and candidates of master of sport. The sport club trained 7 masters of sport of international class, 36 masters of sport, more than 500 candidates of master of sport.

Sport club “Zodchy” takes an active part in educational and sanitation work among students and instructors, provides work of various sanitary and sport sections. Sport club representatives entered civil unions such as Coordination Union on Physical Education and Sport of Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Students Sport Union of Ukraine, Commission on Physical Education of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Ukrainian and city federations of sport etc.

Student Club

Students of the university take an active part in amateur art activities – theatres, studios, circles and art collectives. The most popular are student amateur theatre, dancing collective, opera- studio, voice training class, theatre of pantomime.

Dancing parties, concerts of well known variety singers, meetings with famous people are held in the student club and hostels.

The university publishes its newspaper.

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