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Mariupol State University of Humanities
Year found: 1991
Legal form State
Country Ukraine
City Mariupol

 Mariupol State University of Humanities

Year found: 1991
Legal form: State
Country: Ukraine
Awards: Bachelor Degree
                    Specialist Degree
                    Master Degree
City: Mariupol
Study language: Russian, Ukrainian


Mariupol State University of Humanities was established in 1991. Now it is one of the best higher educational establishments in Ukraine. There are 6 Faculties, 22 Chairs, 19 Specialties and more than 4000 students. The main course of Mariupol State University is international cooperation. The University’s success in this area proves the great authority of the University in the world scientific association. The university is the member of authority agencies of international inter-university cooperation such as European Universities Association AIMOS, Board of Directors of European Public Law Organization, and International Association of Higher Educational Establishments etc.

The University actively cooperates with more than 40 universities and scientific organizations from 19 world countries.

In 2004, MSUH signed Magna Charta Universitatum. During last 18 years, Mariupol State University was visited by more than 500 delegations (in total – more than 1700 persons). Among them are Foreign State Presidents, Ministers, diplomats, mayors, rectors and scientists from the leading universities. During last 3 years more than 700 students and teachers took part in the educational, scientific and cultural programmes abroad.


Nowadays Mariupol occupies the leading position in the region in the volume of industrial output, it keeps the leading positions in Ukraine in metal production and metalworking, machinery-producing industry. The city owns a developed transport system, and as before keeps the status of Donbass sea gates. There is LLC “Donbass Shipping” - the successor of Azov Shipping Company based in Mariupol. Mariupol has gained a certain authority in the international field. Since 1996 there is Consulate of Greece, since 2006 - Honorable Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus.

Mariupol is still a cultural centre of the region, it has a developed network of educational establishments. In 1993 it became a university town.

The modern architectural look of Mariupol combines the features of the past and the modernity. Theatre square ensemble with the building of the Donetsk region Russian drama theatre in the centre is illustrative. From the North the square is sphered by two buildings with spires, that creates a peculiar focus in the city.

There are antique mansions in the South side of the square. A slender building of water tower adjoins the ensemble from the West — this is an example of industrial architecture of the beginning of the XX century. Built of red bricks, decorated by ornamental arcs, pilasters, it adds a particular colouring to the centre of Mariupol. The decoration of historical part of Mariupol is the City Garden that was planted in 1863.

There are about 200 monuments and memorial plates in Mariupol, 5 buildings are the monuments of history and architecture. Some monuments of nature are preserved near the city. They are the locations of Ukrainian steppe reserve “Khomutovskaya Steppe” and “Kamyana Mohyla” . According to investigative information, on the 1st of March 2010 the population decreased on 556 people and is 490739 people. The number of people in Mariupol comprises 11,0% of the population in the region.


“Russian language and literature, second foreign language (English or Greek)”
“Ukrainian language and literature, second foreign language (English or Greek)
“English language and literature, second foreign language (German or Greek)”
“German language and literature, second foreign language (English or Greek)”
“Greek language and literature, second foreign language (English)”
“Italian language and literature, second foreign language (English)”
“International Economics”
“Pedagogical education”
“Management of organization”
“International Relations”
“Scientific Discipline of Documentation”
“Practical Psychology”
“Translation (Ukrainian, Russian, Polish)”
“Translation (Greek)”
“Translation (English)”
“Advertising and Public Relations”


Mariupol State University has its own student hostel that comply with European standards. It is situated in the centre of the town. The students live by 2 in comfortable rooms with all modern facilities. The hostel is equipped with Internet connection. There is a modern gym in the student hostel. Besides Mariupol State University has a modern equipped sport center.




When student arrive to airport he/she will be met and transferred to university. At university student have orientation and welcome brief. After orientation student will be placed at university hostel. During all time of studying at university foreign students are supported by qualified team of International Department. All their needs will be satisfied with pleasure. There is very helpful consultancy for students who have educational difficulties.

All university hostels are secured and have time restrictions for guest to ensure safety and good condition of living.

The Ukrainian people are philosophical and peaceful. The most recent example being the Orange revolution, a completely peaceful demonstration by the people looking for political change. You will find that Ukrainians are very amicable and have good sense of humor. There is no racism at all. Strangers will be extremely friendly with you and be impressed that you made the effort to visit their country over their more visited neighbors.



In 2008 the scientific project “Ethnic and national aspect of the civil society formation in Ukraine (in accordance with the materials of Northern Azov region)” passed through the competitive selection. Fi-nancing is planned to be initiated in 2009 from the state budget resources (Order of Ministry of Educa-tion and Science of Ukraine № 1043 dated from 17.11.2008).

Active university’s course to the integration into European and cultural area has the aim of further opti-mization of teaching and learning, opening up new possibilities for students and teaching staff of the uni-versity. One of such possibilities is the participation (with leading national universities of Ukraine and Europe) in programmes financed by the European Union, particularly, in “TEMPUS” line projects – mod-ernization and development of professionally oriented courses.

Topical planned researches hold prominent places in scientific researches of the university teachers. The work over 5 scientific and research themes was completed in 2008:

“Problems of Ukraine integration into the world economical, political and law area” (state registration number № 0105U008912, research adviser Balabanov K.V.)

“Implementation terms of informational technologies and mathematical methods into educational proc-ess in higher educational establishments” (state registration number № 0105U008910, research adviser Syrmamiyikh I.V.).

“Theoretical and methodological foundations of specialists – philologists training on two specialties” (state registration number № 0105U0089109, research adviser Sokolova I.V.)

“Ethnic and national peculiarities of intercultural communication of Azov region population” (state regis-tration number № 0105U008911, research adviser Ivanov I.M.).

“Psychological and pedagogical foundation of practical psychologists training in Mariupol state university of humanities” (state registration number № 0105U008427, research adviser Baimuratov M.O.).

The work over 12 new complex scientific and research themes was initiated in October, 2008

“Development of external - economic and political relations of Ukraine in globalization terms” (state reg-istration number № 0108U008420, research adviser Balabanov K.V.).

“Actual constitutional and international and law problems of formation, development and functioning of public power in Ukraine in terms of interstate integration” (state registration number № 0108U008427, research adviser Baimuratov M.O.).

“Media text in modern cultural and informational area” (state registration number № 0108U008428, research adviser Bezchotnikova S.V.).

“Scientific and methodological accompaniment of translation learning from Modern Greek into Ukrain-ian/ from Ukrainian into Modern Greek ” (state registration number № 0108U008426, research adviser Chelpan V.M.).

5.“Language units of various levels of German, Slavonic and Modern Greek: cognitive, communicative and comparative aspects” (state registration number № 0108U008424, research adviser Shepit’ko S.V.).

“Informational personality culture in the context of public knowledge formation” (state registration num-ber № 010U008421, research adviser Batychko G.I.).
“Actual problems of development and formation of economic law and process of its interaction with other fields of law” (state registration number № 010U008418, research adviser Nikolenko L.M.).

“Theoretical and methodological foundation of competency approach to continual professional education” (state registration number № 0108U008417, research adviser Sokolova I.V.).

“Actual problems of Ukrainian philology” (state registration number № 0108U008419, research adviser Choroshkov M.M.).

“History of Greek villages of Azov region” (state registration number №0108U008422, research adviser Romantsov V.M.).

“Greek population of Azov region in the ethnic and linguistic aspect” (state registration number № 0108U008423, research adviser Bushakov V.A.).

Tuition fee for all courses


Preparatory School (1 year): USD 1500

Bachelor degree (per year):


“Russian language and literature” - USD 1400

“Ukrainian language and literature" -USD 1400
“English language and literature, second foreign language (German or Greek)” - USD 1400
“German language and literature, second foreign language (English or Greek)” - USD 1250
“Greek language and literature, second foreign language (English)”  - USD 1400
“Italian language and literature, second foreign language (English)” - USD 1400
“History” USD 1500
“International Economics” - USD 2400
“Law” - USD 2750
“Pedagogical education” 
“Management of organization” - USD 2100
“International Relations” - USD 2100
“Scientific Discipline of Documentation” - USD 1650
“Journalism” - USD 1650
“Practical Psychology” - USD 1600
“Translation (Ukrainian, Russian, Polish)” - USD 1180
“Translation (Greek)” - USD 1600
“Translation (English)” - USD 1900
“Advertising and Public Relations” - USD 1900

 "Ecology, Environment protection" - USD 1600


Other expenses:

- Accomodation fee: USD 30 per month

- Medical insurance: USD 180 per year

- Living Expenses: from USD 200 per month

- Airport transfer: USD 200 (Donetsk airport), or USD 200 (Kyiv airport). Group transfer possible upon request.



Please note, tuition fee could change (1-3%) due to exchange rate.                                                       23/06/2015 update