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Odessa National Maritime University
Year found: 1930
Legal form State
Country Ukraine
City Odessa

Odessa National Maritime University (ONMU)


Year found: 1930

Legal form: State
Country: Ukraine
Awards: Bachelor Degree
                     Specialist Degree
                     Master Degree
City: Odessa 
Study language: Russian, Ukrainian

Odessa National Maritime University (ONMU) a versatile educational institution, which prepares graduates of all educational-qualifying levels (Bachelor, Specialist, Master) for full maintenance of personnel requirements for maritime and river branch.

It was established on June, 12 1930 as the Odessa Institute of Water Transport Engineers. In May 1945 the Institute was named as Odessa Institute of Marine Fleet Engineers. In 1994 the Institute was renamed into the Odessa State Maritime University.

Considering national and international significance of the results of Universitys activity and its important contribution into development of education and science, the University was awarded with National status by the Decree of the President of Ukraine on February, 26 2002.

The ONMU is under direct subordination of the Ministry of Science sand Education of Ukraine and has got  the IV-th (the highest) level of accreditation.

In 2003 the ONMU successfully completed the certification of international quality management systems ISO 9001: 2000.

The University is a member of the European Association of Universities (EAU), South East European Association of Transport Researches (SETREF), International Association of Maritime University (IAMU),  and Magna Charta Universitatum. The ONMU is the Coordinator of the University Network of Central European Initiative (CEI) in Ukraine.

Since 1995 ONMU participated in Trans-European Programs of Cooperation (TACІS -TEMPUS) and CEI Programmes. The university is constantly developing new and maintaining already existing relationships with high educational establishments of Germany, Italy, Britain, Poland, China, Algeria, Estonia and many other countries.

Odessa National Maritime University has trained staff for maritime industry of foreign countries since 1950. For this period there has been prepared graduates for 72 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The structure of University includes 7 faculties, which are as follows: Water Transport and Shelf Constructions, Shipbuilding, Ship Engineering, Economics and Management, Transport Technologies and Systems, Faculty of Law, Port Mechanization. These faculties train staff for the maritime industry of Ukraine and foreign countries in the world on 12 specialities. These specialities are: "Hydrotechnical Construction", "Ships and Ocean Engineering", "Informational Management Systems and Technologies", "Ship Power Plants and Equipment", "Exploitation of Ship Power Plants", "Management of Organizations", "Economics of Enterprises", "Organization of Transportation and Management on Transport", "Transport Systems", "Jurisprudence", "Project Management", "Handling, Building, Road, Meliorating Machinery and Equipment".

There are post-graduate and doctoral studies available at the university.



This is a big city on the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea, famous for its industrial and cultural progress, for its port and its coastal resorts. The city has a heroic past. Early in the XV century the Slav settlement of Kachibei was situated in the vicinity of Odessa. It was later taken by the Turks. A Turkish fortress, Hajibei, was built in 1764 on the same site. During the second Russo-Turkish War in 1789, the Russian troops, commanded by General Deribas took the fortress (one of the biggest streets in Odessa has been named Deribasovskaya in his honour). By a decree of Catherine II, issued in 1794, Odessa started building military and commercial port.

Odessa’s geographical situation was favourable to its rapid growth: the Black Sea coast and the proximity of the mouths of the Dniper, Bug, Dniester and Danube. This made pre-revolutionary Odessa the main grain-exporting port of Russia. Untill the middle of the XIX century Odessa was economically the third most important city after Pitersburg and Moscow. Odessa’s architecture is the work of the famous masters and has had considerable influence on the development of all Ukrainian architecture. The first houses in Odessa are designed by the famous Petersburg architect Tomas de Tomon. The Opera House, one of the cities most beautifull buildings to this day, was put up in 1887 to designs of the Viennese architects Felker and Gelmer.

The ensemble of the Primorsky boulevard with its Potyomkin stairway (named after the rebellious battleship Potyomkin during the 1905 Revolution), the monument to duke Rishelieu and two semi-circular facades, represent the main entrance to the town from the sea. The monument to duke Rishelieu was built in 1826. The stairway (length 142m, height 30m) was built between 1837 and 1842. Among architectural monuments of great interest are Vorontsov Palace, Potozki Palace, the Museum of Western and Oriental Art, the main building of the University, etc.

Many spots in Odessa are connected with famous writers, composers, scientists, public figures and states men.



-          Ship Construction and Ocean Technologies

-          Sea and River Transport


-          Exploitation of ship power plants

Master and Specialist:

-          Ship Power Plants and Equipment


Students of Exploitation of ship power plants can also obtain Watch Mechanics Diploma of the third level for working on board a ship.

The profile of the graduates is exploitation of ship power plants, organization and management of ship repairing and ship construction (building), production on enterprises of marine transport, technical maintenance of the Fleet, repairing of ship equipment, construction of ship power plants, mechanisms and power units (systems).




-          Transport Technologies

Master and Specialist:

-          Transport systems

-           Organization of transportation and transport management


The graduates of the Faculty can work as stevedores and dispatchers (control officers), production engineers (technologists) and managers of cargo transportation complexes in sea ports, they can head the Departments and Services of (Seagoing) Shipping, Agents, Brokers, Crewing and Surveyor Companies. They also work in Scientific-research and Invention Centers and in Maritime Engineering Organizations, in Maritime Representative Agencies in Ukraine and overseas, in State Body of The Ministry of Transport.





-           Economics of Enterprises

-           Management

Master and Specialist:

-           Economics of Enterprises

-          Management of organizations


The graduates are trained for economic, organizational, management and researching activities in

Shipping Companies, Sea and River Ports, Shipyards, Shipbuilding Plants, in Departments of Sea and River Ways, in Department of Tug-rescuing and Specialized Fleet, in Broker’s, Agents and Transport Expedition Companies, in Customs Control Organizations of different levels (standards), in Project, Scientific and Researching Institutes, in Banks, in  Economic Organizations, also in many other Organizations of Water Transport and adjoining (co-operating) branches of all the property forms.




-           Construction

Master and Specialist:

-          Hydrotechnical Construction


The graduates are going to work in sphere of sea ports construction, ship lifting machines and coastal port constructions (facilities), special hydrotechnical constructions for mastering of the continental shelf, protection of sea coast (littoral, shore) from hazardous (harmful) destructive forces of waves in  Administrative Departments of Water Ways, in Repair-rescuing Subdivisions and Departments of Subwater Technical works, in Sea and River Ports, in Shipyards and Shipbuilding Plants, in Project and Scientific Researching Organizations, in Educational Establishments.






-          Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering

-          Computer Sciences


-          Informational Management Systems and Technologies

Master and Specialist:

-           Ships and Ocean Engineering


Graduates of the Faculty work in Shipyards and Shiprepair Enterprises, in Project Instructive Bureau, Scientific Researching Societies, Educational Establishments, Management Departments of Waterways, also in Detachments of Rescuing and Shiplifting Works.





-           Law


-           Jurisprudence


Educational activity on the Faculty satisfy the requirements of modern national and international markets of transport services and of changes provided in Ukrainian and foreign law that in currently in force.




-           Mechanical Engineering

Master and Specialist:

-          Handling, Building, Road, Meliorating Machinery and Equipment


Engineers-mechanicals are prepared on this Faculty. The sphere of their activities is ensuring of high-productive work of transshipment (reloading) mechanisms, their maintenance, invention of new machine constructions and transshipment process technologies, introduction of advanced progressive methods of machine work, rising of complex mechanization standards and productivity of reloading process automatization, organization of staff training and further staff qualifications development.


PhD and D.Sc. Programs theoretical engineering; lifting-transport machines; theory of the ship; mechanics and design of the ship; shipbuilding and ship-repair technology; ship power plants; automatized systems of management and progressive informational technologies; project management and development of production; technical thermal physics, industrial heat-and-power engineering; transport systems; bases and foundations; hydraulics and engineering hydrobiology; statistics; economic and mathematical modeling; economy of enterprise and organization of production; business accounting, analysis, financial audit; economy of transport and communication; social philosophy and philosophy of history; criminal law and criminology; criminal and executive law,  economic and mathematical modeling.

University has its own student hostel that comply with European standards. The students live by 2 or 3 in comfortable rooms with all modern facilities. The hostel is equipped with Internet connection. It is also possible to live in Ukrainian families or to rent a flat.

Nowadays cooperation with foreign partners (maritime educational institutions, scientific establishments and scientific and engineering institutions, shipping and crewing companies), as well as upgrading the quality of training process and meeting the international standards takes an important place in the work of Odesa National Maritime Academy.

In addition to diploma of higher education, all cadets obtain the Certificates of Competency which enables them to apply for a position of officers on board vessels of any shipping company of the world.


Odesa National Maritime Academys activity has met with wide international recognition. Expertise of crew members training at ONMA (demands assessment and planning mission within the framework of integrated technical cooperation programme) was held by International Maritime Organizations experts group in 1996. The experts expressed their appreciation of crew specialists of sea- and river-going transport training quality.


Main specialists of faculties and specialities ("Ships Power Plants Operation", "Automated Control of Technical Processes", "Radio-Electronic Devices, Systems and Complexes", "Electric Systems and Complexes of Transport Means") collaborate actively with their English colleagues.


MarEST is the greatest worlds association of Maritime Engineers founded in Great Britain in 1889 for enhancing professional growth and scientific development of specialists in the field of ships technical means.


IMarEST comprises about 15000 members in more than 100 countries of the world. In 1992 Odesa State Maritime Academy (now ONMA) and Black Sea STT of water transport concluded a cooperation agreement with IMarE ( now IMarEST). In 1998 Ukrainian branch of the Institute was founded on the base of the Academy which comprises 200 members among which there are ships engineers, professors, lecturers and students of the Academy.



English Club, founded on the base of the Academy, allows young specialists to improve their professional language skills, to be aware of the latest scientific and technical achievements, to use technical journals, Institutes bulletins and other recent scientific and technical literature. Besides, members of the Institute participate in the work of conferences, seminars and meetings in Ukraine, Great Britain and other countries.


Tuition fee for all courses

Preparatory course (1 year): USD 1650

Bachelor courses:

1 course - USD 2270 
2 course - USD 2370
3 course - USD 2470
4 course - USD 2590

Master courses:

1 course - USD 1010 
2 course - USD 1010

Other expenses:

- Accommodation: USD 35 per month

- Medical insurance: USD 180 per year
- Living expenses: from USD 300 per month
- Airport transfer: USD 100 from Odessa airport, USD 200 from Kiev airport




Please note, tuition fee could change (1-3%) due to exchange rate.                                                           02/07/2015 update