Eastern European University Association
Poltava State Agrarian Academy
Year found: 1920
Legal form State
Country Ukraine
City Poltava

 Poltava State Agrarian Academy

Year found: 1920
Legal form: State
Country: Ukraine
Awards: Bachelor Degree
                     Master Degree
                     Doctoral Programmes
City: Poltava
Study language: Russian, Ukrainian


Poltava state agrarian academy was formed on the basis of Poltava agricultural institute, which was founded in 1920.

In Poltava state agrarian academy there is the Preparatory department for foreign citizens. It was founded in 1980. During functioning the faculty more than 1600 foreign students from 60 countries of the world have been trained here. Students were from Benin, Bolivia, India, Jordanian, Iran, Columbia, Congo, Madagascar, Mali, Nicaragua, Palestine, Sudan, Tunis and other countries. (For the Preparatory faculty students’ comfort we have the exclusive conditions. It means that the lecture rooms are situated at the separate floor and in the same hostel where they live.)

      Poltava state agrarian academy collaborates with 33 organizations from 19 countries in all over the world. With the aim to understand and to study better the foreign agriculture, every year Ukrainian students do their practical work abroad. They go to Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, USA, Germany, France, Belgium and others.

      Poltava state agrarian academy takes part in many international projects. We have had the Tempus-Tacis projects before. The result of the 1-st and 2-nd projects was the creation of Linguistic Centre in Poltava state agrarian academy and the making of two international master courses.



Poltava is a picturesque city with a centuries-old history situated in the heart of Ukraine on the banks of the Vorskla river. The City meets visitors with green parks, famous historical places, surprises with modern and unique architectural and landscape design. In 1999 Poltava celebrated its 1100th birthday. Its population is about 320000, but you can hardly find more attractive and charming place, especially in late spring and early autumn.

The City is well-known after Poltava Battle of 1709. There was a three- month siege of the City by Swedish Army, led by King Karles XII, which was followed by battle against the Russian troops with Peter the First on the heard.

It is the native land of the well-known writers and composers, scientists and artists, religious figures and teachers, whose names entered the world history for ever.

At the same time Poltava is a modern European city, very nice in the evening, with attractive infrastructure of clubs and disco for having a rest.



Bachelor, Specialist and Master degree:

- Agronomy;
- Ecology;
- Precesses, machinery and equipment (Farm Mechanization);
- Veterinary medicine;
- Accounting and Auditing;
- Finance;
- Economy and Enterprises;
- Management of Organizations;
- The animal products production and processing technology (Engineering-technological)

After the receiving of Ukrainian Master Diploma the graduates can go to the German partner university, pass there repeatedly the final exams and take the German Diploma without study in Germany).


Students live in comfortable hostel, equipped with fridges, furniture, washing machines, TV, and shower rooms.

There are clubs and study groups. They are permitted to attend gym, play football, basketball and volley-ball. At the territory of Academy there is a student’s canteen (3 meals about USD 8 per day). Students also can cook in hostel.

The territory of Academy is well organized and has 24 hour protection. At the territory there is the mini-zoo and the pond with the water birds.

Accommodation costs USD 355 per year.




When student arrive to airport he/she will be met and transferred to university. At university student have orientation and welcome brief. After orientation student will be placed at university hostel. During all time of studying at university foreign students are supported by qualified team of International Department. All their needs will be satisfied with pleasure. There is very helpful consultancy for students who have educational difficulties.

All university hostels are secured and have time restrictions for guest to ensure safety and good condition of living.

The Ukrainian people are philosophical and peaceful. The most recent example being the Orange revolution, a completely peaceful demonstration by the people looking for political change. You will find that Ukrainians are very amicable and have good sense of humor. There is no racism at all. Strangers will be extremely friendly with you and be impressed that you made the effort to visit their country over their more visited neighbors.



Get your second European diploma. The students of the master course “MBA in agriculture” of the faculty of economy and management of Poltava State Agrarian academy receive the diploma, which correspond to the European diplomas. It means that they have studied according to the European program of Muster preparation. After the receiving of Ukrainian Master Diploma the graduates can go to the German partner university, pass there repeatedly the final exams and take the German Diploma without study in Germany.

For businessmen who wish to cooperate with enterprises, firms – the short-term courses of intensive training of Russian and Ukrainian languages has been organized.

Tuition fee for all courses


Preparatory course (1 year): USD 1200


Bachelor Degree (4 years) : USD 1750  per year

Master Degree (1-1,5 years) : USD 2000  per year


MBA (Master of Business Administration)- USD 2500 per year


Other expenses:

- Accommodation: USD 40 per month

- Medical insurance: USD 180 per year 
- Living expenses: from USD 250 per month
- Airport transfer: from Kiev USD 200


Please note, tuition fee could change (1-3%) due to fluctuations of the exchange rate.                                            23/06/2015 update