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Ryazan State Medical University
Year found: 1943
Legal form State
Country Russia
City Ryazan

 Ryazan State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov

Year found: 1943
Legal form: State
Country: Russia
Awards: Bachelor Degree
                     Specialist Degree
                     Master Degree
                     Doctoral Programmes 
City: Ryazan
Study language: Russian, English, French


We are glad to welcome you to Ryazan State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov.


More than 60 years our institution of higher education has been successfully preparing skilled workforce for the health system and rightfully enjoys well-deserved reputation both in Russia and abroad. Today the University trains students for 10 professional programs of higher education in internship, residency, postgraduate and doctoral studies, provides retraining and upgrading of physicians and is the major centre of medical science and medical-preventive activities.  The quality of educational and scientific activities of the university is guaranteed by certificates of conformity with international standards ISO 9001:2008. Basis of the modern strategy of development of the university lies in the active involvement in the implementation of federal and regional socio-economic programs. 


Today Ryazan State I. Pavlov Medical University is one of the most prestigious and sought after medical University in Russia. Since the time of its existence, the University has earned a very high reputation both in Russia and abroad. The University is also listed by the World Health Organization in its “Directory of World Medical Schools”. It actively cooperates with international educational and scientific organizations like the Medical University of Arizona, American Pharmaceutical Convention and many others.


Today, about 5000 students from 45 regions of Russia and 40 countries of the world study at the University. University graduates are highly appreciated and are in great demand both in Russia and  abroad.  The University is situated in the territory of student’s campus. There are about 20 educational departments, administration buildings, students hostels, rich library with books in Russian, French and English languages, computer classes, Internet-center, sport club, shops and students cafes where dishes of Indian, Arab, African, Chinese cuisine are cooked by professional cooks together with some of the foreign students.  


In-depth theoretical knowledge, attention to the practical skills starting from the initial years of study, modern equipment and up-to-date medical techniques in combination with a good social life comprising of the participation of the students of different countries in different cultural events and sports, make Ryazan State I. P. Medical University one of the most popular medical Universities among foreign students, who live and study at the University as a big and friendly family.


Ryazan is the administrative center of Ryazan region, one of the oldest Russian cities (in 2000 it celebrated its 905 anniversary).


Ryazan is situated on the right bank of the river Oka. The area of the city is175,6 sq.km. The climate is moderate continental. The medium temperature of January is -11C, of July +19C.


Ryazan is a large scientific and cultural center. Architectural and historical monuments preserved in the territory of the city and the region, have important historical value. The Ryazan Kremlin including seventeen monuments of history and architecture is the most significant construction of the regional center. In 1968 it was declared historical and architectural reserve museum.


The cultural life of the Ryazan region is rich and diverse. There is the regional Drama Theatre, the Theatre for the Youth, the Puppet Theater, the regional Concert Hall, which has branches all over the region, the Ryazan Circus, the Museum of Arts, Municipal Cultural Center, the Palace of the Youth Creative work, a number of museums in Ryazan that are at the same time the home-places of the outstanding citizens of Ryazan who have won the glory of our region.


In the Ryazan region there are more than 40 scientific-research and designer organizations.
In the Ryazan region there are 11 Institutes of Higher Education including the largest of them - Radio Technical and Agricultural Academies, Pedagogical and Medical Universities & others. Every year about 4 thousand young specialists with higher education graduate from them.


The recent years have been characterized by the growth of the basic macro-economic indexes. Machine-building, metal processing, construction materials industry, electric energy, chemical, food, light industry and non-ferrous metallurgy have been developing especially rapidly. In 2004 the volume of the manufactured industrial products made more than 54 billion rubles, the index of the physical volume made 105% as compares to the year 2003. The basic types of industrial products are the following: oil products, chemical fibers, metal-cutting machines, radio electronics, medical equipment, forge-pressing equipment, automobile aggregates, machines for public services, non-ferrous metals, construction materials, leather, textiles, clothes and footwear, foodstuffs. Ryazan is the main industrial center, which accounts for over 50% of the regional production.


The system of railways and motor roads in the region -3 railways and 3 motor roads of federal importance completed with local lines, gives the opportunity to organize the delivery of any cargoes with minimal costs. Developed structure of locomotive depot, motor transport enterprises provides services for transportation of freights and passengers by transport, based on the territory of the Ryazan region.

The main waterway, the Oka River, connects the Ryazan region directly with the Moscow, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod regions giving the way to the Volga basin. There is a well-equipped river port in Ryazan. At the present time there is a large transport terminal of interregional importance, which was built in the outskirts of Ryazan on the basis of the existing storage facilities.



Courses in English 

1. General  Medicine  - 6  years 

Courses in French

1. General  Medicine  - 6  years 

2. Pharmacy  -  5 years 

3. Dentistry  -  5 years  

Courses in Russian

1. Preparatory course - 1 year

2. General  Medicine  - 6  years  (Available the interpreter assistance)

3. Pharmacy  -  5 years (Available the interpreter assistance)

4. Dentistry  -  5 years  (Available the interpreter assistance)

5. Сlinical psychology - 5,5 years

6. Pediatrics - 6 years

7. Internship - 1 year

8. Clinical residency - 2 years

9. PhD courses - 3 years 


Foreign students admitted to the university are provided by a place in the students’ hostel according to the contract on rendering educational service.


Student lifestyle is a very special concept. It is associated primarily with fun, new hopes, and meetings with interesting people. The University is a town within a town; you can get everything you need right there. The campus, which was specially designed and built for these purposes, gives space to over 9 buildings for classes and laboratory work, with large lecture halls and Rector’s office. Training labs, where students acquire their practical skills in treatment and research, are excellently equipped. The center of the campus area is occupied by a 4-storey Library building, which contains an enormous collection of books in Russian as well as in English and French. There are special computer rooms and an Internet center for self-study in the library.

Students stay at comfortable university hostels, where each of them shares a room with one or two other students. Rooms are properly furnished and provided with bedding. All the student hostels are equipped with the internet line Wi-Fi. Unlike student hostels in many other countries, Russian hostels have a kitchen on every floor, so that students can cook by themselves whatever they wish to eat. For those who want to keep fit there are gyms, fitness clubs, and sports centers.






Ryazan State Medical University is going on the level of international standards of quality in educational and scientific activity, what is confirmed by the quality certificat of the European Organization for Quality.  


The University actively uses in the educational process modern scientific achievements and advanced experience of the world’s best universities thanks to relations with universities and scientific centers: the University of Perugia (Italie), François Rabelais University in Tours (France), West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin (Poland).


The University repeatedly received delegations from different countries of the world.


The University has a wide experience in teaching in English and French languages which contributes to the effective implementation of the educational process with students from countries in which these languages have the status of the state language. During this time, university graduates were more than 750 foreign nationals. Today, the university enrolled more than 1000 foreign students from 63 countries worldwide.

More than 30 university employees are academicians and Corresponding Members of 10 international and foreign public academies: the International Academy of Science, International Informatization Academy, the New York Academy of Sciences, International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences, International Eurasian Academy of Medical Sciences, International Academy of Psychological Sciences, International Academy of Higher Education, International Academy of Pedagogical Science Education, International Academy of Theory and Practice Management, British Academy of Pharmacists, the European Academy of Natural Sciences, etc.


Every year clinical departments of the University collaborate with approximately 30 foreign pharmaceutical companies such as “Berlin-Chemie”, “Boehringer Ingelheim”, “Pharmacia and Andzhon”, “Avtoshov”, “Schering-Plough”, “Pfizer”, “Sanofi”, “Krka”, “Servier”, “Gedeon Richter”, ”Pliva”, “ASTA Medica”, “Grindex”, “Shreya”, “Balkanfarma”, ”Nerich mack nachf”, “Ranbaxy”, “Aegis”, “Dr. Reddy’s”, “Kami Medical”, “Promed”, “Transatlantic”, “Incen”, “Himalaya Drug Co.”, “Johnson & Johnson”, “Novartis”, “Glasco”, “Bionorica”, “Yamanouchi EuropeAid”, “Astellas”, “Solvey pharma”, “Glenmark”, “Promed-Export”, “Alcon”, “Ferrosan International A / S, etc.

Participation of the University in joint projects can improve educational, scientific and medical processes, introducing new educational and medical technology makes possible the training of professors and university scientists in the best scientific and educational centers of the world, a joint production of educational and scientific literature.

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